What Would Halloween be Without Zombie Nation?

October 29, 2006

zombie_nation.jpg Come on down to The Bouquet in downtown Boise on Saturday, October 28th for the biggest Halloween stomp of the season – the virus has been unleashed, Zombies are taking over & the world as we know it is about to end!

Don’t miss Wicked Wonderlands‘ biggest, freakiest, sickest rave of the entire year- Zombie Nation!!!!

Featuring: Vert Sin, Chris Miles, Flashburn, DJ Savage, cage dancing zombie hookers, zombie death-match 4 (cage match to the death), & a full invasion of Zombies!!!

With an awesome pre-party show to kick off the night: Local industrial favorites mend link up with Industry leaders, Carphax Files, to bring you one night of solid boot-stomping-vocal bending-soul-suffering-mind-controling-revolutionary-noise-for-the-masses!!!!

The show starts at 8pm & the rave runs until 4am. Since it’s Halloween…we are charging $10 for an entire night (8hrs) of entertainment! $10!!!
Special $2 discount for all zombies!


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