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New and Upcoming Releases on Metropolis Records

April 27, 2007

Assemblage 23Meta. Available now on Metropolis. Canadian industrial-dance favorites unleash their latest offering with the signature sound but with unexpected surprises of “sweeping synths and emotional lyrics”. Tom Shear brings clarity to electronic sound in this lineup.

Frontline AssemblyFallout. Available now on Metropolis. Industrial music headed up by the venerated Bill Leeb who have come full circle on their latest production with three brand new tracks and nine remixes to assault your senses with pounding industrial mayhem. Be sure to catch them on tour this season.

WumpscutBody Census. Available now on Metropolis. This long-time beloved industrial giant is the output of mastermind of Rudy Ratzinger. German electronic dark body music at its finest.

Edge of DawnEnjoy the Fall, available May 8. Songwriter Mario Schumacher joined with Seabound lead vocalist Frank Spinath and what resulted is one of Germany’s most innovative electro acts around.

God ModuleLet’s Go Dark. Available now on Metropolis. Elements of synthpop, darkwave, techno, goth and EBM make this lineup an unstoppable powerstation of sound. Founded in 1999 by Jasyn Bangert, GM have released three additional full-length albums prior to the new release – Artificial, Perception, and Viscera.

KMFDMAdios and Symbols, available May 8th. German Industrial pioneers are back with two classic album releases. Kick it with KMFDM and watch for more re-issues of other favorites.

Funker VogtAviator, available May 22 from Metropolis. Aggressive electronic energy that displays fresh form with great musical diversity on this third release from the German artists.

The Birthday MassacreNothing and Nowhere, available June 5. Re-issue of the band’s self-released 2002 album with an additional 5 tracks previously unavailable. Intoxicating female vocals are shrouded with heavy guitar, bass, and drums for a scintillating electro sound reminiscent of the 80’s but with a new twist.

GrendelHarsh Generation, available June 5. Dark and formidable electronic sounds for the underground dancefloor, this European act has completed a full decade of album production and deliver a punch in this new release with catchy synths, driving bass-lines, and uneven vocals to push the adrenaline and get you moving.