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NightSpun is Boise’s resource since July of 2003. We are the first resource of its kind in our region, and were independently created to be a grass-roots entity dedicated to bringing new music and artists to Boise and beyond. We are committed to keeping our cultural movement alive and kicking. It is vital to represent the amazing music available in the underground, promote discussions about music, and connect people in the world of underground music to each other. To bring high quality artists and to be fair to their efforts, NightSpun preserves the highest quality communications for and promotions of, artists.

Our mission is to continue to attract individuals to our city and to alert musicians to the fact that there is a sizable community here who appreciates their efforts. Our philosophy is to execute that task in the most professional and efficient manner, with integrity and honesty. We answer to no corporate message boards, pedestrian web-hosting companies, nor anyone else but ourselves and use open-source software as a statement to support emancipation from the bondage of corporate slavery.


To protect our name & efforts and maintain integrity and honesty within our scene, we ask that you please read this disclaimer and kindly follow our requests if you intend to display information from NightSpun on any other site:

1. Although we would like to be able to promote all shows in Boise relating to our scene, it is simply not possible to accomplish. Therefore, we handle promotions for artists contacted by NightSpun or vice versa. Please do not ask us to promote shows on our Main Page or Live Shows link that have not been set up by NightSpun. The reason for this is to protect ourselves and to keep individuals or parties from holding NightSpun responsible for displaying changes or cancellations which are not connected with our site. If you would like to post information on our message board about shows other than those listed here, please feel free to do so. As the artists represented here have been exclusively contacted by NightSpun or vice versa, we are therefore authorized to promote them and NightSpun is the official promotions agent for all shows represented here.

2. We are the contact point in Boise for these bands, and do much more than online promotions. We maintain communication with the artists or agents, distribute promotional flyers and other materials, expose djs & individuals to new music via press kits with cds and dvds, and help set up shows.

3. To maintain quality of service and promotions to the artists, we ask that you refrain from copying information displayed on this web site (especially show dates and times) without linking to NightSpun. This site displays up-to-the minute news about those events. Because schedules and lineups can change, anything displayed (other than on club sites who host the shows) elsewhere that is not linked to NightSpun or fails to acknowledge NightSpun as the official promotions agent may be incorrect. Failure to link to NightSpun also demonstrates an unwillingness to work with the community and help bring in future shows As such, NightSpun is *not* liable or responsible for event information displayed on sites who are not linked to us.

While NightSpun is only one promotions entity, it makes sense to mention our name in conjunction with promoting our shows. By informing other bands and agents about NightSpun, you will directly help bring more shows to our city. If even just a few are disinclined to work together and support efforts like NightSpun, everyone becomes affected by those decisions and the result is a hostile and uncooperative environment. The philosophy is simple; if you are willing to work with us, we are more than happy to work with you.

4. Use of any images or other material on this site also requires credit to NightSpun or other appropriate parties, as all material is copyrighted.

5. NightSpun wants you to help spread the word about shows that come through our fair city. We encourage anyone to link to our site and and events displayed herein (remember, it’s your scene).

Here is a list of some of the artists NightSpun has worked with in the past or is currently working with (promotions and/or booking):

Hanzel und Gretyl
Urceus Exit
The Cruxshadows (2 seasons)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Mankind is Obsolete
Machinegun Symphony
The S1nd1cate
Gene Loves Jezebel
Android Lust


Nine Inch Nails



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